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Sunday, October 21st, 2007
2:42 pm
Hi, my name is Misty and I just joined this community lastnight.

My boyfriend and I spent the first 5 months of our relationship living in different states. I lived in Idaho while he lived in Washington. I met him through my best friend, they are step siblings. He came down to visit her for new years 2007 and that's when I met him. She had been wanting us to meet for about a year and we finally did. We really liked eachother but neither one of us thought it could ever work out (we never told eachother that). He visited for about 5 days and flew back home. He said he was going to call me but I didn't really think he was going to, he did. We talked to eachother a few times each day. I flew out to see him and he flew out to see me. Finally I told him I would really like to move to Washington with him. He thought the idea was wonderful. I searched for a job while he searched for an appartment. I found a job and he found us a place to live. 5 months later we are really happy together. I don't really care for this state but I have no regrets. I love him. =)

That's my story in a nut shell! Good luck to everyone else!
Tuesday, November 28th, 2006
3:42 am
how did you get into marriage?
I am curious to hear some experience of people who met by internet from different countries or states and now live together.
I know one man from another country but i have never seen him, we share lots in common, so I wonder if we have a chance?
Thursday, August 10th, 2006
11:05 am
well, we did it. i moved to California three weeks ago today. i feel like i have a lot to say about it, but i'm getting a little homesick.

leaving my family at the airport wasn't too hard...my mom cried, but i didn't, because it takes me awhile to actually get...hey. i'm moving. i still don't feel like this is completely permanent. i'm hoping that that gets better after this next week, because Alex will be gone. he has music camp. he's leaving tomorrow and will be gone until the 20th. worse, the camp's in a place high in the mountains where his phone doesn't work. he says he'll call me before he gets to that point.

that week is going to suck, to put it bluntly. i haven't had tons of job luck. i'm currently employed by a temp agency, and they've gotten me two interviews and two jobs. that's luck, right? i wasn't in town for the first interview(i specifically told them i would be out of town until August 1st), the first job decided they wanted another temp because i was sick and not helpful(but the chick who was teaching me things took a 2-hour lunch break and i was then sent home because i was sick. i tried to make myself look busy, but it didn't work. they didn't even have the job i was supposed to do ready for me), the second interview was for a job i wasn't qualified for(minus a point for the temp agency for their inability to read my skills), and the second job was a one-day thing and i had a doctor's appointment during that time. so, i am still staying with them, but i'm going downtown today to job hunt. i'm just going to walk up and down State for a couple hours and apply everywhere that has a "help wanted" sign.

this is especially bad because we're already having money troubles. Alex didn't work his budget properly and is now x6 over it. baffling. he's frustrated because he doesn't know where it went, and after i thought about it, $300 of mine mysteriously disappeared as well. neither of us were prepared for this. it's so bad that Alex is considering quitting school(he only has one more semester) so he can get two full-time jobs instead of a part-time job. i think i'm more optimistic than he is, but i may just be naive. i have enough money both pay the rent and bills for both of us, and probably enough for groceries for the next month. but we have to get through this month too. Alex will get his half of the rent and bills at the end of the month. he's also getting paid for music camp. so, i'm hopeful. i'll be spending a good chunk of the day job hunting and i'm posting my resume on three job sites before i leave.

other than jobs and money, things are good. we've got the apartment fully furnished, except for a set of shelves and some under-the-bed boxes for clothes he's bringing back from his parents' on his way home from camp. we've been on a date, we have a real bed to sleep in, everything's unpacked except three of his boxes, everything's set up the way we want, and we've been basically lazing around the apartment, doing laundry and watching movies. it's been good. we also spent a week in San Jose, where his parents live, sleeping in a tent in their backyard(because of the heat wave at that time, it was cooler outside than inside because they don't have a/c). his parents are very nice, they like me and i like them. yay!

the only other thing going on is related to homesickness: i feel lost here. the lack of friends is getting to me, which is another reason i want a job asap. Alex will ask me in the evening, "anything you want to do tonight?" and i get a little frustrated because i don't know what's around. he makes me feel better about it because he's been in this city for four years and doesn't know what's around. he's been really good at supporting me...last night, when he really got thinking about money, i cried because i felt responsible, and he told me, "you've done nothing wrong. none of this is your fault. i'm not angry with you, and there's no reason you should be afraid(he's a door slammer, but he'd never do anything to hurt me). this is my problem." but i'm still determined to work my ass off to get a job, of course. and while he's gone, i'm going to explore what's around, and apply at places close to home. the job market here is way better than the market in Dallas, so i should get a job soon. and, despite Alex's money troubles, i'm a good saver. anything i don't spend that's for rent and groceries, i'm saving.

anyway, sorry this is so very long. but that's what's going on. for LFAers, i'm posting my success story once Alex gets back from camp and i feel more permanent.

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, July 6th, 2006
11:52 pm
well, everything regarding my move is falling into place. Alex and i finally got an apartment, i have a plane ticket...two flights, good times, GREAT seats, short layover. i've got most of my stuff packed, and Alex has digital cable and internet set up. i'm leaving in 12 days(the 18th), and my stuff is leaving on the 8th, so it'll get there before i do, and because i am doing a family thing for a week before i move. when i get there, i'll start looking for a job, Alex and i are visiting his parents the last week of July, and hopefully i'll start working in early August.

with not much else to think about other than changing my address and getting approved for the apartment(Alex is approved, i am not, because the complex won't fax me the forms. but i'm sure i will be), packing is making me very sad. i'm packing some clothes to live off of during my family trip, my carry-on is packed already, and i'm folding things slower and slower because i am getting so sad. in about 36 hours, all my stuff will be gone. my room will have some candles and pictures on the wall, my toy hammock with stuffed animals i'm not taking with me, and a mattress on top of a set of box springs. tonight is my last night sleeping in this bed, in this room. saturday night, my best friend is coming over to spend the night, and my family will be leaving the house in her care for the three days she'll be here before she has her own trip to Georgia, and she'll be back a few hours after my flight. there won't be any more cuddling with my cat Evie, or going into the kitchen to be welcomed by a hungry Miko rubbing on my legs. no more nights watching funny animes and movies with my mom. no more going into my brother's room to see whatever it is he is laughing histerically at.

i have to move out eventually. i can't live with my parents forever. moving in with Alex will start a new chapter in my life, where i'll discover the world of rent, bills, taking care of myself, what i want to do with my life, and freedoms i don't even know about yet. it'll be sad and exciting and fun and everything else that life is. i'll get another cat, Alex will get another dog, and soon, my parents' house will be a place i visit instead of a place i live. but right now, it's home. it's the place i've lived for almost 8 years. i grew up in this room. why can't moving be as cool as it was when i was 11? it was so awesome...even though we moved from a house into an apartment while we were scoping out the current house, i got a new room. a new, if small, place to explore. i moved near lots of friends...that's key. in California, i have Alex...no kitties, no best friend, no dog, no Mom, no brother. i love Alex, but i need more people. i need friends. i need animals. i need more companionship than i'll be getting in that awful period when Alex is working and i am not...me and the TV, computer, and cell phone with shitty reception.

okay, i'm done crying about this now. i need to wash my face and brush my teeth so that i can finish packing tomorrow.

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, June 3rd, 2006
3:33 am
well, in a nutshell, a moving plan has been set. my parents are paying for my move as a graduation present, and we're using movers, so we don't have to rent a truck. that means we also don't have to drive out there, which means that my mom, best friend, and brother will be seeing me off at the airport. i am NOT happy about this...while a plane ride is 68 hours shorter than driving, the goodbye is so much harder. after my last entry(especially after reading Lizzie's comment about how she'd be worried if i wasn't feeling like this...that made me feel a lot better), i was finally able to really get excited about this, and now i'm about to cry.

-doing the road trip thing...i would have had to say goodbye to family and friends, but my mom and brother would still be with me for awhile...and then i'd have to say goodbye to them in California, with Alex there...but with the airport, it's one big goodbye, and then sitting around for hours, with my teddy bear. for some reason, that idea, which isn't really an idea anymore, makes everything so much more real.
-i know i'm going to lose that "home" feeling. once i move out of my parents' house, i will not be moving back in the event that Alex and i don't work out. i'll move back to Dallas, but into my own place, so that i can focus on working and living on my own rather than succumbing to depression in my parents' house where i don't have to do anything. but if we do work out, and i am confident that we will, how long is it going to take me to think of the place i live with Alex as home rather than just that apartment we live in?
-i'm hoping and praying that i don't get too hysterically homesick, and i hope that Alex understands. he misses his family, but he's been living on his own for four years. i'm really hoping that i get a job quickly, or have something else i can throw myself into so i don't get too sad.

i'm going to IKEA tomorrow, and i hope that'll make me feel better. i'll be getting a lot of apartment stuff. i've also already located my planned parenthood, credit union, and raw feeding distributor(for animals). Alex and i haven't found an apartment yet...lots of places are full and say to call back in a couple weeks *sighs* that, and a lot are a bit on the high rent side.

some unhappy, but also happy, numbers:
-16 work days
-4 weekends
-2 doctor's appointments
-5 hours of sleep i'll get before going to IKEA, because i've been up so late thinking about this
-$3000 in savings
-33 days until moving day(but that could change with apartment availability)

i just wish this was easier.

Current Mood: sad
Thursday, May 25th, 2006
3:29 am
Day 12
...well since Ben's arrival.

Everything seems to be going well for the most part. He's got everything together as in his SIN card, chequing/savings account, job. We've looked at over half a dozen apartments (a whole bunch of ones that are not listed from the last entry) and waiting to hear back regarding the Camelot (Ben's choice which is in fact the nicest one out of the bunch).

TMI...Collapse )

Problem is that while my brother and mom have been supportive if not respectful during my husband's temporary stay at home, my dad has been... needless to say... a complete jerkoff not only to Ben but to me as well. The first week I could understand because there's so much for the hubby and I to do, but it gets ridiculous on the second week. My dad either ignores me or completely yells at me in Cantonese... neither behavior appropriate especially since I do all the chores and even made him breakfast a few times! I don't yell back at him but when I try to explain myself to him, he would call me an infidel for talking back at him and reduce me to tears. It's really frustrating, I don't want to pick a bone with him but at the same time I can't sit back and let his stupid accusations walk all over me. I'm sick and tired of being called a moocher, deadbeat, lazy ass, poor excuse for a mother-to-be/daughter/wife, or the fact that my own father threatens me saying that he'll beat up the lazy, fat, poor excuse of an American son-in-law. I mean like WTLF? (BTW, L stands for Living)... I'm talking about a father who couldn't go and make his own meals without ordering either my mom, brother, or myself to get stuff for him, couldn't get the fact straight that applications for apartments is much different than it is 5 years ago, let alone 27 years ago in this city, who couldn't even do anything with his e-mail or his cellphone without screaming for my help, or even listen to a simple conversation and speak anything relevent to it (he has the tendency of having delusions and yell at people regarding something that has nothing to do with the topic of the family discussion on hand, or start accusing people of something when he walked by and barely half-listen to a conversation that doesn't involve him and makes complete assumptions).

Holy frickin' toledo... does anyone ever dealt with anything remotely similar to this in an LDR turned local scenario? I thought my F-IL was annoying as sin but lately my own father has been acting much worse! Help before I either tear all hair off my head in frustration or accidentally shoot the foot in my mouth the next time I have a squabble with my dad?

Current Mood: distressed
Sunday, November 6th, 2005
5:57 pm
i was accepted into loveisthebest! click here!
Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
1:13 pm
Woops, I realized that I joined this community after I moved but never made a post.

Hi. *waves*
My boy and I are finally local after an almost-two-year relationship apart. :)
Saturday, January 22nd, 2005
8:55 am
I joined loversfaraway 11 months ago today, and now it is time for me to leave.

Um... exit survey? (As x-posted in loversfaraway)Collapse )

I thought this might be of interest here too (I don't know how many people read this one and not LFA). I will be remaining part of this community.
Sunday, January 9th, 2005
9:27 am
I feel like Josh and I are leading completely separate lives these days. It is so frustrating to me. It is not what I want. I don't really know why it has happened. I don't know if it is because of the time we spend apart last year, or if it would have happened anyway. I don't know if it is because the lives we each want are separate, or if it is just our situation and new habits that are creating the gap. I don't know if this means maybe we aren't right for each other after all, or if we just need to work harder.

I just about started crying when everyone sang "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" at my cousin's karioke rehearsal dinner... it's a favorite family song, but I'd never realized before (or maybe this was a different version than I'm used to), that it is a couple singing it to each other. It's not that one of them has left for somebody else or something like that, it's that the romance is gone and they both want to bring it back. Except we were never a romantic couple in the first place, for us it feels like the whole connection that we used to have is just gone, and we want to get it back. But damn it! We don't know how! We keep trying things, going places together and stuff, but when we get back home nothing has changed. We've talked about the problem at great length together, but we can't find the heart of the problem... and treating the symtoms is clearly not working.

Really, this whole thing is so wierd to us. Previous relationship issues have either been adverisarial in nature (he wants one thing and I want something else), or environmental and clear (we both want to be together but we couldn't afford to live in the same city). This time, we're both on the same side, but we don't know what we're fighting against or how to fight it.

We'd like to go see a professional relationship counselor, but that would be really expensive. Instead we're looking at attending the Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend because it looks much more affordable... but I'm skeptical about it helping... you're not supposed to feel like this when you are engaged (and of course we didn't when we got engaged, but that was a year and a half ago, and before we spent most of a year long distance)... and it's not until March. I don't want to wait until March for things to get better.

x-posted seriouscouples & loversreunited
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
11:23 am
Are any of you getting homesick at all?

I'm starting to actually miss my family. It's strange, I haven't been homesick yet.
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
4:18 pm
Does anyone still get horribly lonely for their mate even though they're only at work? I go to work and I know Dennis is only 2 miles away at home and yet I still miss him terribly and can't wait to go home to him. He's been here over a year now and it's still this way. I feel silly!
Monday, November 29th, 2004
1:26 pm
Has anyone done any Christmas shopping for your S/O? If you have show it off!
I'm all done. I got him Space Balls on DVD, a laminate poster with gangster rappers on it as a gag gift(When we were in town we used to go to the pound shop and make fun of it.) and these..
Read more...Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )
Read more...Collapse )
He likes to cook.

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Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
7:26 pm
I didn't see anything about promoting in the community rules, but I put it behind a cut just in case.

Come join engaged2married!!Collapse )
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
6:40 pm
Hi everyone. I haven't been updating much.. Anyway. Jamie and I are going to Disneyland Paris for our 2 year anneversary. 2 years to the day.. The first time we ever met face to face. *sigh* We were going to stay in the Disneyland hotel, but things happened and we had to downgrade. But that's just fine! At least we're still going. We will be staying in the Hotel Chayenne, for 3 days. I'm really really excited! I'll post some pictures when we get back. :)
Sunday, September 19th, 2004
6:00 pm
Hi everyone. I've been apart of loversfaraway for a while now. I'm from Pennsylvania and my boyfriend is from England, at the for the next 5 months the distance is no longer...
Just wanted to say hi.
Monday, July 19th, 2004
3:48 pm

My name is Adam, I'm a 21 year old student. I'm scraping the bottom and saving every penny in order make two things come true in my life. I currently live roughly 1750 miles away from the woman that I love more than anything in my life. I don't mean to come across desperate or needy, but I will do about anything to be with her and her daugther. I am also trying to raise enough money, going along with that, to pay for art school. She means so much to me and if I could just be able get to where she is, three lives will be forever changed. If you wish not to contribute, I understand fully. But if anyone of you could find compassion within yourselves to donate anything at all, if even mere pennies, it would be greatly appreciated. I will remember everyone who donates and will add their names to a list where I'll later give great gratification to each of you. So, if you would, please click the button below to help me raise appropriate funds and erase a gap between two hearts. Feel free to contact me if you wish. Trunkz188@yahoo.com or archeuphoria
Thank you so much for just taking time to see what I had to say.

Current Mood: determined
Monday, July 12th, 2004
3:20 pm
Hello. :)
Since I am a member of loversfaraway, I am sure that many of you will be seeing this twice, so I hope no one minds too much.  I'm Sara, and I live in Western Pennylvania and I attend college near Erie (Thiel College, to be exact).  I met my fiance Matt at Thiel when he was a junior, but we didn't get together until his senior year.  Now he's at Kent State in Ohio doing the grad school thing.  We get to see each other on weekends during the school year, but we normally spend more time reading and writing papers than we do together, so the whole thing is rather bittersweet.

But, I got a special treat this summer, and Matt is spending the entire summer at my house.  He has been here since the second week of May, and it is so freaking wonderful to have him around all the time.  It's also almost weird to be around him so much, but it is definitely nice.  I just wish my parents would let him sleep in my room, though; he's down the hall in a room that we converted into a guest room.  We have become extremely pathetic and get sad when we have to say goodnight and leave each other for the next ten hours or so.  I keep waiting for my parents to go away for a weekend so that we can play house. :P  We fight occasionally over stupid little things (I get upset about just about anything very easily), but nothing major has gone wrong with us, and I have no reason to believe anything drastic will occur.

Going back to college is really going to be difficult at the end of the summer since we're so used to being so close to each other, but I suppose that this summer is going to be worth all of that.  And it helps for me to keep in mind that this time next year we'll be married and living together. :D  The little things will help me to get through the year.  Haha.

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Monday, July 5th, 2004
2:35 pm
I have a question for those of you who used to be in a long distance relationship, but no longer are. I'll give a bit of overview.

I moved to Toronto to live with my fiance a little over 5 weeks ago. Before that, we visited as often as we could afford to, usually every 2-3 months. During every visit, when it would come toward the end, I would start getting anxiety-filled and somewhat panicky - particularly the night before we would have to part. I'd dread the next morning so badly, and would sometimes shed quite a few tears over it. Now, I'm living with my fiance, and I thought I wouldn't suffer from this again. The first few weeks found me suffering from a bit of homesickness and growing pains, but that's about it. After that faded away, I find myself having those panic attacks of "Oh my god, tomorrow's the day - we're gonna have to leave each other again, oh my god!" again. This always seem to happen on Sunday nights, when he has to go back to work the next morning.

This was especially bad last night, as, over the weekend, we were hardly allowed a moment's peace and quiet - always having plans, having to be somewhere, having plans, etc.

So, my question is this - has anyone else gone through this, even when the emotions are now unwarranted?

Current Mood: anxious
Sunday, July 4th, 2004
2:12 pm
I don't remember Josh ever being this much of a jerk.  I told him I was upset at him yelling at me and being condescending.  He said he wasn't yelling or being condescending.  He said he had a hard long day yesterday (just like everyone else did).  

It reminds me of that movie, High Fidelity.  Remember at the funeral when that woman tells him, that he should apologize and he asks how many times and she says, "I think just the once would do."

I'm so pissed off at him right now.  I'm trying not to show it in front of his parents.  We'll see how I do this afternoon.  
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