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Hello. :)

Since I am a member of loversfaraway, I am sure that many of you will be seeing this twice, so I hope no one minds too much.  I'm Sara, and I live in Western Pennylvania and I attend college near Erie (Thiel College, to be exact).  I met my fiance Matt at Thiel when he was a junior, but we didn't get together until his senior year.  Now he's at Kent State in Ohio doing the grad school thing.  We get to see each other on weekends during the school year, but we normally spend more time reading and writing papers than we do together, so the whole thing is rather bittersweet.

But, I got a special treat this summer, and Matt is spending the entire summer at my house.  He has been here since the second week of May, and it is so freaking wonderful to have him around all the time.  It's also almost weird to be around him so much, but it is definitely nice.  I just wish my parents would let him sleep in my room, though; he's down the hall in a room that we converted into a guest room.  We have become extremely pathetic and get sad when we have to say goodnight and leave each other for the next ten hours or so.  I keep waiting for my parents to go away for a weekend so that we can play house. :P  We fight occasionally over stupid little things (I get upset about just about anything very easily), but nothing major has gone wrong with us, and I have no reason to believe anything drastic will occur.

Going back to college is really going to be difficult at the end of the summer since we're so used to being so close to each other, but I suppose that this summer is going to be worth all of that.  And it helps for me to keep in mind that this time next year we'll be married and living together. :D  The little things will help me to get through the year.  Haha.
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